THE woodstock field

i'd lived in ny state for about six years before i learned that THE woodstock field is actually nowhere near the town of woodstock; it's in fact clear across the other side of the catskills,  in a town called bethel, about an hour and fourty minutes' drive west and south of woodstock the town. after living in ny for almost ten years, i finally had the chance to visit THE field.

Camping at Bear Spring State Park

this trip marked the second time i'd camped at bear spring mountain, the last time being over five years prior. needless to say, this trip was a bit more relaxing than the previous one.

rain room at moma

the rain room at moma is an awe-inspiring immersive environment of falling water that pauses wherever a human body is sensed. the result is walking in the rain, completely surrounded by falling droplets, and not getting wet.