palace of fine arts, san francisco, ca

the palace of fine arts is the only building from the panama-pacific exposition still located on its original site.

originally built in 1915, it was rebuilt in 1965, and renovation of the lagoon, walkways and seismic retrofit were completed in 2009.

holocaust memorial, california palace of the legion of honor

created by george segal. one of the bodies is said to be representative of christ and the other of a woman holding an apple, representative of the relationship between christians and jews.

fort miley military reservation, san francisco, ca

constructed between 1902 and 1906, fort miley was part of a series of batteries built to protect all three channels of approach to the golden gate.

most of the buildings surrounding the battery were demolished in 1934 to make room for the new veterans hospital, but the actual battery still remains today.

sutro bath ruins, san francisco, ca

the sutro baths were a large privately owned swimming pool complex that opened in 1896. the building housing the baths burned down in 1966, but the ruins still exist today.

camera obscura, san francisco, ca

the san francisco camera obscura projects an image onto a horizontal viewing table via a reflected image from a viewpoint at the top of the building. A metal hood in the cupola at the top of the building slowly rotates, making a full revolution in about six minutes, allowing for a 360° view around the building.

windmills in golden gate park, san francisco, ca

two windmills used to pump subterranean water to supply golden gate park.

the northern (dutch) windmill was installed in 1903 and restored in 1981.

the southern (murphy) windmill was installed in 1908 and restored in 2011.