still standing, 84 days after hurricane sandy.

a rollercoaster in seaside heights nj still stands where it landed 84 days after hurricane sandy blew it off a pier into the atlantic.

paterson great falls national park, paterson, nj

paterson great falls in nj is one of the largest falls in the u.s. the falls were formed almost 13,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age, and cut through basalt that was formed nearly 200 million years ago.

civil engineer charles l'enfant (designer of washington dc's layout) designed the system of canals known as a raceway, that supplied the nearby watermills. this 4,849 kilowatt/hr hydroelectric facility, designed by colt (of colt revolvers) based on a l'enfant design, operated from 1914 to 1969. in 1984, the plant was restored, restarted two years later, and now produces 11,000 kilowatts/hr.

ruins of the allied textile printers and colt revolver mills, paterson, nj

paterson great falls national historic park is the site of several mills dating back to the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

ruins of several of these mills still exist today, including the allied textile printers mill as well as the colt revolver mill.

below, the allied textile printers mill was constructed in 1836 and remained in operation until the 1980s when a fire destroyed the mill.

below, some grafiti on the side of the colt revolver mill ruins. the mill was built in 1813.

cross florida barge canal

florida isn't exactly known for awesome progressive acts, but one of the few cool things to happen there  was the cancelation of a cross-state barge canal (canceled for environmental reasons!) the canal was to run from the atlantic coast to the gulf coast, across the north-central part of the state, to cut travel costs and time for barges. it was funded in the 1930s and construction began, only to be stopped and restarted many times until the project was officially canceled in 1991. 

the best part is, the entire length of the route is now a protected greenway that spans a mile across almost the entire way.

several of the supports for a bridge over the canal are located just outside my hometown, in santos. these particular supports date back to the original go-ahead in 1935.

at the drive-in.

there are only 460 operating drive-in movie theaters left in the u.s. (compared to about 40,000 indoor theaters)

one of them is in my hometown.