Paris and Switzerland -- my first compilation video ever!

I had a few requests from family to make more of a story-oriented post similar to the ones I did for our recent Oregon/Washington trip. I really tried to think of a good way to do this, but with two weeks worth of photos and videos of "wandering around" Paris and Switzerland, every post I tried to write either didn't flow well, or didn't really capture the laid back feel of this trip.

So I decided to put everything together in one video. As you'll clearly see, I've NEVER put together anything like this before. I learned the very basics of iMovie just for this project. I'm no cinematographer, and this is definitely not a beautiful Ken Burns documentary (although I love that feature in the iMovie program), but hopefully it gets across how wonderful, romantic, and easy going this entire trip was.

Paris, pt 1

For my birthday, which happens to be Christmas Eve, my boyfriend Jay flew me out to meet him in Paris. We spent a week checking off our list of touristy things and wandering aimlessly around the various arrondissements stopping at cafes and drinking all the wine before heading to Switzerland for another week (those photos will be up in the next week or so.)

notre dame.