montpelier, vt

this scene pretty much sums up my impression of vermont; kids playing frisbee on the perfectly manicured lawn of the state capitol.

pez visitor center, orange, ct

i've never been a particularly big pez fan, but when a friend and i were recently driving through connecticut and saw signs for the company's visitor center, we agreed we had to stop by.

unfortunately, they charge $5 just to step inside the gift shop, so this sign was as far as we got.

ft. totten tunnel and battery

urban rangers nyc organizes a tour of the battery and tunnels at ft. totten park in queens. you meet at the visitor center, tucked away in one corner of the park - past the swimming pool, the parade grounds, an nypd training center, and some baseball fields - and when a large enough group amasses, a ranger leads you through the first tunnel to the fort. once you're at the other end of the tunnel, you're free to roam around and explore almost any part of it, and there are rangers stationed at intervals who happily answer your nerdiest questions. it's a great set-up, and by far one of my favorite tours in new york. 

walking behind this huge group of people on one of the hottest days of the year, i was having doubts about how things would pan out.