roadtrip rehash: day 2 (olympic national park, crescent lake, forks)

The second day of our trip was the first real day of "roadtripping"; we left Seattle via the Bainbridge Island Ferry, to catch 305 up and out of the metro area. We drove into the CARgo (see what I did there?) area of the ferry, which had a view out the far end of the approaching island, that sadly my camera couldn't quite pick up.

 ...and this was the view off the rear deck of the ferry.

Just outside of Seattle, we made a quick stop at Kiana Lodge, where some of the crucial scenes of the pilot episode of Twin Peaks were filmed. If you've seen the show, you'll recognize this as "Laura's Log."

After that, things started to really get Pacific-Northwesterny, with towering evergreens and jagged mountain peaks. The National Parks were closed for the government shutdown, but fortunately, they were letting people drive pretty far into the parks before closing the roads off. We were able to take in some great scenery and saw lots of cars parked off the side of the road (presumably for hiking?)

Although I have a pretty substantial 300mm lens for my camera, switching it out can get pretty cumbersome. Thankfully, my guy brought along binoculars and out of curiosity, I ended up with these creepy voyeuristic images of the peaks in Olympic NP.

After the first stop in Olympic, we headed to Crescent Lake, a property technically within the National Park System. When we arrived, this "sorry we're closed" sign was waiting for us, though fortunately there was no one there to enforce it.

By means of google maps, we determined a western view of the lake was a ten minute walk past the barricades. We weren't sure whether the view would be worth the risk of getting caught, but our curiosity won out, so we left our car and walked right past the "blockade." We were immediately greeted by the most serene, moss-covered forest I've ever seen, which alone was well worth any "risk" we endured.

Just as google hath predicted, ten minutes of walking later, we hit the western portion of a peninsula jutting out into the lake, and had the entirety of it (at least as far as the eye could see) to ourselves.

When we were done poking around the lakeshore, we started a long leisurely drive west on 101 along the lake's southern edge (literally on its edge), then turned south towards Forks, where we spent the night at a lovely B&B.

I was a little under the weather from all the travel, so the pizza we ordered in Forks didn't look super great to me, though my s.o. swears it "wasn't that bad." Lessons learned that day? Minor acts of civil disobedience get rewarded with glacial lakes all to yourself, and if you're ever in Forks, WA, pack a picnic dinner from the grocery store rather than ordering out.

Oh, and Forks is weird. Exhibit (a):

roadtrip rehash: day 1 (seattle tourism)

I'd been fortunate enough to visit almost all of the contiguous states... almost all of them, except Oregon and Washington. That is, until last week, when my honey and I decided to fly out to the Pacific Northwest for an ambitious nine day roadtrip to "knock out the remaining two" of the lower 48.

We flew to Seattle from JFK, and landed through pretty heavy cloud cover, though some of the taller peaks were peeking out like islands in a sea of clouds.