Year in Review, Part III: Well That Just About Does It, Don't It?

Things got a little personal after August. My sister and I met our parents in Cape Hatteras for Labor Day weekend. We spent our time there exploring the Outer Banks and not talking about the scary things that happened towards the end of summer. There were a lot of parties when I got back. We celebrated the death of friends, anguish over the beginning of fall, and all of us growing older. Work took me to Florida, and I was able to spend a few days in my hometown as well. I moved from my first New York home of four years in Greenpoint to a new place on the Southside and shortly after, got my first real tattoo. My best friend, whom I hadn't seen in almost two years came to visit. A lot of other things happened, some of them more significant than others, but really, nothing I'm prepared to talk about in any detail on here.

The following photos were taken between Sept 1 and Dec 10, 2008.

The Beach outside Kitty Hawk.

This is our childhood dog, Rocksanne who managed to capture the feel of the past four months perfectly. She's ancient and I'm amazed she has the energy for stunts like this.

What the sign says.

With the grandkids.

Jason tagged along with me to my first renaissance faire. 

Basically, I was either doubled over in laughter, or making this face the entire time.

Jason tried to be a hero.

Obama came, I volunteered. Pretty Ins
ane. 24,000+ people packed into Washington Square Park.

Ran into a Hindu wedding while exploring some new parks in the hometown.


I grew up 20 min from here, spent a lot of my weekends on this river.

This little guy had no fear. Anhinga's are probably in my top 10 favorite birds list. Is it sad that I actually have one?

Best friend, sis and I got up at the crack of dawn to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade from the roof of my office.

This was the view.

Holiday Boobs.

I spent most of my time on the 7th avenue side watching them deflate the balloons. So cool.

Tday dinner set-up in the new place.

Chris brough this little bugger. He lifted a leg on some mags, but fortun
ately he totally missed. He was confined to Chris's lap for the remainder of dinner.

I dragged Lauren and sis up to Ft. Tryon the next day.

Sis was a trooper, broken leg and still running around.


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