northside williamsburg, new calvary cemetary, ps1 and bowling on long island.

++ random friday photos
++ most action packed saturday to date

headed to ues on friday. weather was looking kinda strange.

after running some really exciting errands, i was craving indian food, so chris met me at milon.

i used to eat here at least three times a week, but that was several years ago. somehow the server remembered me and asked how my parents were.

later that night, chris and i met dave, andy and jamie at larry lawrence.

we talked about surfing, dildos and exes for a while but we were all pretty sober. called it an early night.

but not before getting some food at roebling with chris. at one point, he was talking to the waitress and not paying attention, so i tried to steal a bite of his mac and cheese. he caught me and stabbed at me with his fork which surprised me, causing the bite of mac to go flying into the air, ultimately landing on a candle and extinguishing it. afterwards, i walked home and found a giant mound of popcorn.

then saturday afternoon i picked up mar and chris for what i thought would be a mellow brunch at relish. we waited for vi for literally an hour and drank about 23948792357987 cups of coffee in the meantime. mar liked this font.

vi finally showed and we got a table.

we were all on super coffee jitters except for vi, who was adrenalinized from having just gotten into some serious argument with an elderly chinese man in soho.

then the sun came out and blinded me.

and we drank more coffee. that sugar thing was full when we got it.

then mar went crazy.

and chris gave valiant effort at not showing excitement.

vi was already over it.

then we tried to play pool only to realise we had way too much energy for that.

i don't remember how we figured this out, but this disgusting little creature wasn't afraid of us.

mar thought it needed booze.

yup, this thing is *still* there.

then i got excited about field trips, and dragged everyone out to the cemetery.

for more jumping. chris made sure to stretch beforehand.

this is either really terrible or really amazing.

this is why you shouldn't burry people alive.

this too.

then we figured we were already half way to hell, why stop now?

don't worry, i got INSTANT karma when i immediately banged my head pretty harsh on the corner of that pointy thing.

perfect cemetery weather.


this row was all newer graves, the earliest from 2002. total mood killer.

: (

then we were all somber.

that's a red-tailed hawk in the sun.

then we still had lots of energy, so we decided to crash our friends' date at ps1.
vi made a new friend.

so did chris.

but i didn't like his friend as much.

then we all geeked out in the james turrell room for about five hours which is where eddie and erin found us (super secret covert mission = foiled!) we kidnapped them and made eddie tell us how to get to bowling.

yay bowling.

guest caption by chris: "vi's telling the ball where to go."

ahhahhahha. she got it!

then we got home and crashed.

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