washington d.c.

for the first time in five years, i left ny for the fourth of july. i decided a few days before the weekend to visit my sister in alexandria and the day before i left, my parents decided to drive there from florida as well. it was a really nice surprise, as i hadn't seen them since christmas and wasn't planning on seeing them again until november when we go back to dc for a wedding.

there were a lot of parties for the 4oj as well as my sis's bf's bday, but i opted for a nice quiet weekend of museums and wandering instead. i fell asleep with my feet in the water at the giant fountain in the sculpture garden for a while, then went to a couple smithsonians. this palm thing was in the garden behind the museum of african art.

then my parents and i went to the folklife festival which was pretty cool, but i really hate crowds so i was mildly freaking out the whole time. it started raining which helped a bit. i feel kind of weird posting photos of my parents here, but my dad looked so adorable trying to put this trashbag on to cover himself from the rain, that i had to post this one.

crazy crowds.

canons in front of the capitol during the 18th overture.

flowers in the valley garden behind the franciscan monestary.

sister's new place in petworth. (how cute!!)



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