Community Board 1 and the McCarren Pool Update.

ok first of all, cb1 mtgs are actually really interesting and since they deal with everything from the public spaces (waterfront, mccarren, etc) to approving liquor licenses and gardens for restaurants and bars and dealing with the bike lane, um, stuff, i highly recommend attending them. plus it's a good way to keep track of other things going on in the neighborhood (i.e. the new chez bushwick arts project funded by a $150,000 award from the rockefeller new york city cultural innovation fund!!) here's the cb1 website for more info, agendas and a calendar of scheduled meetings:


so drumroll please.....
...aaaaaaaand..... the plans haven't really changed since any of the last presentations. but in case you missed all of those as well....

here's the architect's site:

and gothamist's write-up

and of course the official new york dept of parks and recreation capital projects mccarren highlight

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