Our Big Fat Indian Wedding: Honeymoon Pt 2, Moorea

After our day/night in Tahiti, we hopped on the ferry to Moorea. If you're thinking about going to FP, the ferry is a great option - it's a beautiful 40 min trip and cost something like $15/each.

Our room wasn't available for the spontaneous extra night in Moorea, so we ended up in a little bungalow with a private pool. It was a beautiful option and a plunge in the colder water pool felt great after a massage.

We spent the morning of our second day renting a car and driving around the island. It's possible to drive the entire coastal perimeter of the island in 2 hours, or 4 hours with stops and lunch. We had wanted to explore a little bit, and it worked out perfectly because our actual room was ready for us when we got back to the hotel.

Cook's Bay on the right, Opunohu Bay on the left.

Looking back at Tahiti.

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