Our Big Fat Indian Wedding: Honeymoon Snorkeling in Bora Bora

As an (extra) treat to ourselves, we booked a private snorkeling day cruise that circled the island. If you're thinking about visiting Bora Bora, look this guy up! He's local and super knowledgeable, and being able to snorkel in popular areas without the tourist crowds was well worth the added expense.

Tanoa and his boat!

Black tips! (Mostly harmless -- similar but not related to the nurse sharks I was used to growing up in Florida.)

Mantas!!! My favorite <3 p="">

A nine foot lemon shark. Not quite as harmless as the blacktips.

Our tour included a stop for fresh cooked lunch in the water in front of Tanoa's family's motu. 

The water was a bit much for us so we pulled the table up on the beach. Nothing like a little veuve clicquot after a day of snorkeling.

...oh, and did I mention lunch was fresh lobster, tuna steak, grilled chicken, and lamb with sides of fresh fruit and veggies? Unreal.

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