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As I mentioned in my last post, Jay and I were able to take a "quick" long weekend trip to Scotland a few weeks ago. We spent the first day wandering around our home base of Edinburgh, rented a car the second day to travel to some ruins south of the city, spent the third day taking a train north to St.Andrews, and then spent our last day lazing around Edinburgh again and indulging in a swanky traditional Scottish meal.

These photos are from one of our stops on our one-day road trip, at Crichton Castle in Crichton, Scotland.

Crichton Castle was our first stop on the day we did our mini road trip. We drove through this beautiful area of rolling fields filled with sheep. We happened to be there during peak lambing season and the baah of the mamas and babies calling to eachother drifted across the valley.

We accidentally arrived super early, before the castle was officially open. As we parked the car, wild rabbits, deer, birds and squirrels scattered, and we sat there for a minute eating a breakfast we bought before leaving Edinburgh and enjoying the quiet stillness. Fortunately, despite the castle being closed, the grounds were open and we had this gorgeous setting all to ourselves.

A closer view of the castle which was built in the late 14th century.

Next to the castle is a building which may have been used as a stable, slaughter house or chapel. This building is said to be haunted by the ghost of William Crichton, the patriarch of the family that resided in the castle.

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