st. mary's abbey, melrose scotland

As I mentioned in my previous posts, Jay and I were able to take a "quick" long weekend trip to Scotland a few weeks ago. We spent the first day wandering around our home base of Edinburgh, rented a car the second day to travel to some ruins south of the city, spent the third day taking a train north to St.Andrews, and then spent our last day lazing around Edinburgh again and indulging in a swanky traditional Scottish meal.

These photos are from the second stop on our one-day road trip at St. Mary's Abbey in Melrose, Scotland.

Main portion of the abbey, completed in 1146 ad.

Jay, listening to his audio guide near one of the abbey's wings

Jay in the main choir area listening to his audio guide

Where the embalmed heart of Robert the Bruce is supposedly burried

The choir area and rear portion of the abbey from the outside

The cemetery behind the church where Alexander II and other historical Scottish figures are buried

Scotland's most famous gargoyle -- a pig playing bagpipes (click the image for a larger version)

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